FAQ – Frequently asked questions

If you decide to exchange your heating system with hieper, you will benefit several times over: From planning and consulting to finding a specialist company, we will take care of all the important steps for you. You can lean back and relax.

If you wish, we can discuss questions personally by phone or video. Receive individual and non-binding offers within a short time through your personal configuration. This way, you retain full cost control at all times.

While local providers only have a limited selection of manufacturers in their portfolio, with us you benefit from a wide variety of brands. This enables us to prepare a manufacturer-neutral offer that focuses exclusively on your wishes and requirements.

The complete package includes:

1. Consultation: manufacturer-neutral & free of charge
2. Quotation: fixed price in a few minutes
3. Installation: quick appointment.

We offer modern condensing boilers for natural gas, oil and liquid gas.
Gas condensing systems are the most installed heating systems in Germany with 76 %.
In the future we will also offer heat pumps and hybrid systems!

The configurator only captures the heating system and the mediation to the appropriate specialist company. Further installations such as radiators and their piping can be discussed with the company, which will certainly help you.

Our service is completely free of charge for you, including video or telephone consultation. You can also request a second consultation without any additional costs! However, please understand that due to the high demand we can not offer more consultations.

The companies can plan the new heating system on the basis of the configuration, but it is very important to get a picture of the current installation situation for the preparation of the offer. Thus, the photos are very important to write an accurate offer.

You can upload photos directly after the configuration. An app will also be available soon to embed the photos directly.

Installers from your region or who offer services in your region. The companies must provide us with the necessary qualifications to submit offers. In Germany there is a master craftsman obligation for heating construction companies, so we can ensure that qualifications of the companies are available.
The contract is concluded between you as the client and the heating contractor as the employee. Thus, the contractor is also in the warranty obligation. According to BGB (German Civil Code) you have a warranty of 5 years.

The heating contractor who installs the system is usually also responsible for maintenance. This service is usually agreed in a maintenance contract. We recommend concluding the maintenance contract (sample template) for at least 4 years in order to have the right contact person in the event of a warranty claim. If another company carries out the maintenance, problems may arise with warranty claims.

We are currently working on a solution that allows companies to process their own requests directly. In this case, please create a configuration and send us a message via our chat window or by e-mail to service@hieper.de with the details of the respective company. We will then take care of everything else.

The heating contractor who installs the system is usually also responsible for handling malfunctions. A maintenance contract should include a clause about malfunctions. Soon, a maintenance contract agreement will also be available on hieper, where you will be guided through all the necessary formalities directly after placing the order. That way, nothing can go wrong!

This will soon be possible, currently we are working at full speed on the mapping of other heating systems. You can already read about the different systems in our blog posts. Often the building must also fit the heating system.